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Site Title: The Forgotten Lair
Owner(s): Phoenix
I luv her! We started off as link exchanged and I so glad to have her as a affy! I would consider her a wallpaper buddy! So make sure you check out that section. But her site has everthing to anime reviews, to just surfing around the site.

Site Title: Lovedrug
Owner(s): Lucien
Graphics skills is something to behold on this site, layouts and layouts of great deigns and of course we cannot forget about all the resource goodies you can find here.

Site Title: Towairaito Graphics
Owner(s): Dark
Something here soon...

Site Title: The Jaded Network
Owner(s): Jade
Another amazing site, you can get lost in there. Wallpapers are fantastic! I love reading her blogs, Jade tends to do arts and crafts and they come out great. Anime reviews and a gallery, you MUST visit.

Site Title: Mochimitsu
Owner(s): Mochi
From what I see so far, she has lovely designs. The ones I like to call old school. Lovely textures and text placements. I just love it. I was never one to make them but I always loved the people who did. Go visit you won't be disappointed.

Site Title: 53 Blue Dogs
Owner(s): Akvile
Something here soon...

Site Title: Aace Designs
Owner(s): Tears
Something here soon...

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