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Terms & Conditions for Site
  • Users cannot make layouts, avatars, textures, out of my main layout.
  • Users may not redistribute layouts or avatars without my written permission.
  • Users may not claim my work as their own.
  • A link to this site in your credits section for avatar and design work is ok.
  • Users may not use any graphics including wallpapers to make layouts.
  • All other images on the site are NOT to be cropped for other uses and/or redistributed, they are for viewing purposes only.
  • Users must link back when using any graphics from this site. Brushes, avatars, textures, etc...

Photoshop/Paintshop Brushes, Textures, Transparent PNGs, and Other Resources

  • They are NOT to be redistributed or claimed as your own.
  • Commercial use of Resources requires permission and credit.
  • Credit must be given to this site in some kind of way, if used in your own graphics. A link to this site in your CREDITS section for graphics/resources is ok.


  • Users must not edit the images or codes in any way.
  • Users must keep the credits, watermarks and link backs intact.

Direct Linking

  • Users may not direct link any content from this website. Direct Linking is illegal.

Desktop Wallpapers

  • Wallpapers may not be redistributed or put on public display (including websites) in any way shape or form.
  • Users may not use wallpapers to make layouts, textures, avatars, etc. Wallpapers are for personal uses only to be use as a desktop wallpaper.

If you need more information on copyrights, read What Is Copyright?

Flamboyant © Nise 2008-2015. Site, layout, and content including content from Nisec Graphixs © Nise. All rights reserved. All anime used on graphics provided by Flamboyant belongs rightful to their respective owners. Please make sure to review all the terms before using anything on the site.

Creative Commons

Yes, all content on http://theflamboyant.net/ is under a Creative Commons License, for more information click the button below.

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